Chantal Joffe

Painting with an expressive style, the internationally renowned artist brings a unique and contemporary approach to portraiture. Joffe's piece for Whitechapel station, 'A Sunday Afternoon in Whitechapel', features two-metre-tall cut-out portraits inspired by the cosmopolitan streets around the station.

"I wanted the art in it to link the underground with the above ground and the sense of Whitechapel as a bustling inner-city place. It was really important that you feel that aliveness." Chantal Joffe

For her Selfridges installation, Chantal expands on her Whitechapel work, with cut-outs depicting her family and friends, as well as historical residents of the East End. The striking work encourages people to forge a personal connection with the individuals pictured - in much the same way that we might weave stories about fellow passers-by.

1 - Yayoi Kusama

2 - Spencer Finch

3 - Richard Wright

4a - Douglas Gordon

4b - Douglas Gordon

5 - Simon Pertion

6 - Chantal Joffe

7 - Michal Rovner

8a - Darren Almond

8b - Darren Almond

9 - Conrad Shawcross

10 - Eduardo Paolozzi

11 - Matthew Darbyshire

12 - Rebecca Ackroyd

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